10 Project Winter Tactics

Whether you fulfill your duties as a survivor and simply try to survive, things change a lot when you become a traitor. Because Project Winter makes backstabbing your friends pretty fun.

You have to dial all kinds of tricks and make plans to both build trust and destroy them. Of course, this job is not always easy. This being the case, we decided to prepare a few tactics about Project Winter for beginners or those who are already playing.

Project Winter tactics:

  • For survivors: Travel in clusters
  • For traitors: Lone wolf tactic
  • Learn how to build trust
  • Do not troll people
  • Learn to redirect properly
  • Don’t be afraid to run away
  • For traitors: always attack first
  • For survivors: Quickly explain specific roles
  • Always stay connected
  • Know when to reveal valuable information

For the survivor: Travel in clusters

It is quite a problem to destroy the large clusters formed in the game. If the player manages to trust other players next to him, they can easily corner and kill the traitors. However, this is a full squad game and requires you to completely trust other players.

For traitors: lone wolf tactic

Being a wolf in sheep’s clothing is certainly tempting. But overcoming traitors is not always easy. Instead, one of the villains has to appear as innocent as possible, and the other has to score as much as humanly possible. If you manage to be strong enough, you can hunt down the humans when they break up into smaller clumps.

Learn how to build trust

Whether you’re a traitor or a survivor, you need to know how to build trust with your bandmates. It is difficult to form alliances without trust and difficult to corner other players without faith. Doing useful things in front of others is an ideal way to gain the trust of others.

Don’t troll people

Whether you’re a survivor or a traitor, one of the easiest ways to get kicked out or thrown out of the game is to undermine the game of others. Of course, chasing others with a “fun” ax is funny, but players will not want to cooperate with border-breaking humans, whether they are traitors or not.

Learn to do truth steering

While redirecting, “There is a bunker here!” A phrase heard only over the radio will not be of use to many. It makes things easier to give more obvious directions, such as “Go north of the cabin” instead. Giving vague instructions is one way to lose faith in your teammates. For sending them to a secluded place with strange instructions may be a trap planned by the traitor.

Don’t be afraid to run away

Everyone needs to know when to walk away and when to run away. Sometimes you have no choice but to drop whatever weapon you have and flee to a place of faith. Especially if your health is going to be seriously compromised, in general, running away is a much more logical solution than fighting.

For traitors: always strike first

In a one-on-one battle, the player who hits first usually wins. However, it takes a while to perform a powerful melee attack, and if you miss, it will be quite a hassle to catch up with the survivor. That’s why being sneaky is the secret. He’s about to trap the survivors in a bear trap or hide behind a tree or bunker and launch a surprise attack.

For survivors: Quickly explain specific roles

This situation is a bit like a double-edged sword, but it is enough to do everything early. This is especially true if there is a Defector in the roster (it has a big role because it can open special things like Defector, Secure crates, Deva packages with its ability). Of course, the traitor can declare himself as a Defector and cause the death of the player in the process. But you should know that helping the group is a noble sacrifice.

Always be in touch

The silence of the radio is the easiest way to arouse suspicion. So make sure you stay in touch with your staff members whenever possible. This allows survivors to keep an eye on what everyone is doing. For traitors, too, it allows them to follow their enemies while actively and speaking build trust.

Know when to disclose valuable information

Sometimes, even if you are a survivor, it is valuable not to present real information to the group. A phrase such as “I’m going east” might allow traitors to prepare an ambush for you there. For safety, bragging about where players are going and listening for footsteps in case of being followed is a very useful tactic.

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