11 of the Smoothest MMORPGs Ever

MMORPG literally means Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. In other words, multiplayer, online role-playing games with large maps are called MMORPGs. Although it is not the most recognizable game genre today, MMORPG, the fans of the genre are undeniable.

There are many MMORPG games where you can explore huge maps with your friends, create new characters and try different abilities, go on raid missions collectively and kill big bosses. It is quite difficult and troublesome to try all of these games that require a lot of time and sometimes money. That’s why we’ve created this MMORPG game recommendation list for our readers.

MMORPG Recommendations You Can Play With Your Friends Online

  • Guild Wars 2
  • Skyforge
  • Trove
  • Neverwinter
  • Housing Online
  • Blade & Soul
  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Black Desert Online
  • Tera
  • World of Warcraft
  • Star Wars the Old Republic

Guild Wars 2 with a different story structure

  • Released 2012
  • Developer: ArenaNet
  • Platforms: MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS

With its huge open world map and its structure that distinguishes itself from other MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 has fewer missions than other games of medicine. Guild Wars 2, which consists of small stories instead of a main and big story, has a story in successive parts. The main version of the game is completely free, you can join the low-level adventures of the game without spending a penny. However, as in almost every MMORPG, you need to purchase additional packages to access the entire game.

Skyforge with its unique class system

  • Released: 2015
  • Developed by Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Skyforge is counted as one of the best MMOs thanks to its unique class system, complete early game and unique world combination. Skyforge, which encourages the player to experiment and personal exploration by going beyond the classical skill trees, offers different gaming experiences to its players. Offering a very diverse and different experience to the player in the first levels, Skyforge also offers many options for how to do the missions. In addition to the linear story of Skyforge, you can explore with your team and slay powerful bosses on the game’s large map.

Trove with a different kind of pixel look

  • Released: 2015
  • Developer: Trion Worlds
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS, Mac OS

Trove is considered one of the smoothest games that is often compared to Minecraft. In Trove, an action-oriented MMORPG, you can explore many diverse biomes, build your own base, craft your weapons, and run from dungeon to dungeon with your friends. Trove, which is known as PVE when installed, also has a PVP mode on detonating bombs. Trove, which has a large crowd and devoted players to the game, is developing day by day thanks to its community.

A DND-style MMORPG: Neverwinter

  • Released 2013
  • Developed by Cryptic Studios
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Thematically shaped like Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter takes the locations, classes, spells and abilities of this board game from the board game and brings it to the digital environment. Since the game’s release, many free expansion packs have been released that take you to lands such as Icewind Dale, where barbarians and uncomfortably hot. Although Neverwinter, which continues on a mostly linear mission line, is free to play, it gets harder to play for free as you progress in the game.

An overly realistic MMO: Konutta Online

  • Released 2003
  • Developer: CCP Games
  • Platforms: MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Classic Mac OS

Incorporating mining, economics, treacherous missions and thousand-person space battles, the New Eden universe of Meskene Online is probably one of the most player-focused MMOs in existence. In Meskene Online, which is very realistic, some battles can last for weeks. From the outside, it doesn’t seem like the easiest game in the world to learn, but it’s not impossible either. The details of the game and the reality of the world separate Konuta Online from more than one MMORPG.

Blade & Soul with its complex looking world

  • Released 2012
  • Developer: NCSoft
  • Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows

Blade & Soul is a Korean fantasy martial arts-themed MMORPG. The intricately designed world of the game, inspired by Hyung Tae Kim’s visual form, is enough to attract the attention of the players. In Blade & Soul, where there are many different races and classes, you can either team up with your friends to complete various dungeons or prove your strength to everyone by PvP with other players. Proceeding in the logic of a classic MMORPG, Blade & Soul is perfect for players who love Korean culture.

Lord of the Rings Online from Tolkien’s beloved universe

  • Released 2007
  • Developer: Standing Stone Games, Turbine
  • Platforms: MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS

Tolkien’s Middle-earth is the perfect setting for an MMO. Races, classes, locations, and even powerful bosses found in multiple MMORPGs already exist in the world of Lord of the Rings. In Lord of the Rings Online, where you can play as a human, elf, dwarf or hobbit, you can meet Ents, get lost in the mines of Moria or go on long trips in Rohan.

The expansions coming to the game follow the books to advance the story and add new combat mechanics to the game. The Lord of the Rings Online is a free-to-play game, perfect for Lord of the Rings fans who want to experience Tolkien’s world first hand.

An adventure on the Silk Road: Black Desert Online

  • Released: 2014
  • Developer: Pearl Abyss
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox X and S Series, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows

Black Desert Online received a graphic overhaul in 2018 to rework the original MMO and breathe new life into the game. With a lot of action, Black Desert Online is a game that should not be chosen by those looking for a quiet MMO. Black Desert Online, a game that is difficult to learn and play, is a game that those who have previous MMORPG experience can solve and play much more easily. If you want sword fights, chaos and a really big open world map and you can take the challenge, Black Desert Online is for you.

Tera with its detailed models and character designs

  • Released 2011
  • Developer: Krafton
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox X and S Series, Microsoft Windows

Often referred to as the pinnacle of action MMOs, Tera continues to offer its players the fastest and most dramatic combat. At the core of the game’s dexterity fighting mechanics are various races and classes with different play styles and abilities. Tera, which stands out with its character creation screen, allows you to visually create your character in a completely customized way. Tera, which has very successful and detailed models and animations, offers its players a lively world.

One of the most loved by MMORPG players: World of Warcraft

  • Released 2004
  • Developed by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Platforms: MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS

World of Warcraft, which has been the most well-known MMORPG game in the world for over ten years, is one of the first names that come to mind when MMO is mentioned. Going far ahead of its first version during its long reign, World of Warcraft features new classes, races, graphic overhauls and new continents. Building on the contemporary MMO style, you can roam the open world, slay powerful bosses, and even send your NPCs on their own adventures.

One of the favorite MMOs of Star Wars lovers: Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Released 2011
  • Developed by BioWare, Electronic Arts, Bioware Austin LLC
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows

The MMORPG of Star Wars, which is one of the universes with a council system, races and classes like the Lord of the Rings, is counted as one of the smoothest MMORPGs of today. You can choose from eight different classes split between the Empire and the Republic, each with a detailed, dramatic story. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, which has much deeper stories than a classic MMORPG, you can participate in operations with your friends, explore huge planets or do PvP. Although the game can be played for free, you need to subscribe to Star Wars: The Old Republic monthly to reach the final level and access some in-game content.

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