Children of Strong Families Have More Rotting Teeth

It has been stated by experts many times before that socioeconomic status has a valuable impact on people’s health. After all, people who can be characterized as more ‘rich’ or ‘affluent’ are more likely to be able to mix healthier foods. However, a new study has provided a different perspective on this situation, revealing new data on children from wealthy families.

The study, published in the Journal of Dentistry, found that children from wealthy families were more likely to have tooth decay than others. As a result of meta-analyses, experts stated that this possibility is higher even in children who go to the dentist systematically.

Fizzy drinks increase the risk of tooth decay

Systematic reviews within the scope of the study; showed that the corrosive effects of sodas, juices, and power drinks destroyed the ‘privileges’ afforded by wealth and education. In the research, which was carried out with the participation of 60,000 people between the ages of 6 and 79 from 30 countries, it was discovered that there are valuable contacts between socioeconomic level and dental health.

As a result of the analyzes of the experts; found that children and adolescents who went to private school and whose parents had higher education and income levels were more likely to have tooth decay. This style of families paying more attention to dental care also made the research quite different. Researcher Khaled Ahmed from Griffith University in Australia also used the following terms about his work:

Sodas, power drinks, and packaged juices are consumed by wealthy families in many countries. Sugar-free versions of these drinks also remain acidic. Children with high socioeconomic status also have easier access to these types of beverages, so children who can be described as ‘rich’ have a higher risk of tooth decay than others.

“People with high socioeconomic status face fewer dental and stomach problems when they get older”

Naturally, we can say that billions of people around the world have encountered tooth decay throughout their lives. This is also true for children of low socioeconomic status. However, when these children get older instead of young, they may encounter decay because less attention is paid to their dental health. For this reason, this research draws attention because it affects those who pay attention to dental health.

In addition, the study revealed that people with higher education and income levels face less tooth decay as they age. Scientists stated that the biggest reason for this is that these people eat healthier, pay attention to oral hygiene and go to the dentist systematically. It was reported that the unhealthy diet of people with low socioeconomic status, dealing with tension and depression more negatively affects their dental health and increases the risk of competing with stomach diseases.

Scientists emphasize the need to focus more on these stylistic studies and believe that the effects of socioeconomic level on human health should be transferred to the society. In addition, it is underlined that paying attention to dental health and nutritional status is very valuable, regardless of your socioeconomic level.

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