Developed ‘Desktop Hand Massager’ for Gamers

More than one gamer, once sitting in front of their computer, can play for hours without being distracted. Of course, after pressing the keys for so many hours, there may be minor pains in the joints. However, a company obviously made these pains their main priority and decided to develop a ‘desktop hand massager’ for gamers.

Athletes engaged in physical sports systematically participate in massage and therapy sessions in addition to their training. As you know, collective game competitions are now organized under the name of e-sports. The Japanese company Bauhütte, which is famous for the furniture they produce for the players, has also developed a device that will offer this ‘massage and therapy’ experience to the players.

It is claimed to offer a real massage experience:

It is claimed that this hand massager, which resembles a box in Dune: Desert Planet, one of the cinemas that marked 2021, offers a ‘real massage experience’ thanks to the soft coating that gives off heat. Bauhütte recommends using the massager to warm up before starting the game, to increase blood circulation during the game and to create a relaxing effect after the game.

It is stated that the massage experience can be differentiated with the various modes in it. It is shared that there is also a finger-only mode included in the device. Although this work was introduced specifically to the players, various devices that perform hand massage have been released in the past years. Therefore, it cannot be said that this work is completely innovative. However, this attempt of Bauhütte may indicate that a new field may be formed in the game branch. The hand massager, which the company currently sells only in Japan, has a price of $ 150.

So what do you think about this hand massager? Is it the piece that players are looking for or a waste of money? You can share your ideas in the comments section.

Images of hand massager:

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