We touched on Microsoft’s DirectStorage technology in detail, and then we learned that this feature will come to Windows 10 along with Windows 11. The technology used on Xbox consoles will basically work to load games from NVMe SSDs very quickly. However, this technology apparently brings different important advantages.

DirectStorage will also ease the processor’s load, according to Cooper Partin, a senior software engineer at Microsoft. Partin said in a video detailing how DirectStorage works that the Windows version is adapted to better use PC hardware than the Xbox version. By the way, let’s mention that the version prepared for Windows 11 works more optimized than Windows 10.

The Windows 11 version uses your hardware, especially your GPU and CPU, to process a few small information at the same time. This will improve loading times considerably. Microsoft’s new API simplifies the process of retrieving compressed data from a game, decoding compressed data, and processing it on your GPU, while doing it all at the same time. As a result, game assets such as textures, environments, and characters load much faster, and the workload of hardware on the PC decreases due to the process.

“DirectStorage is designed for modern gaming systems. It handles smaller readings really efficiently and you can put things together to do more work. When fully integrated with the game, it reduces CPU load in a game by 20% to 40% with an NVMe SSD in Windows 11. This depends on the improvements made to the file I/O stack in Windows 11 and the improvements on the platform in general.”

The blessings of DirectStorage sound great, but it will take some time before you can use them regularly. Right now, we know of only one game that uses this technology. Some tests were carried out with Forspoken, which will be released in October, and it was reported that the loading screen took only 2 seconds.