When Apple announced the M1 Ultra, it promised that the performance of the integrated GPU would set a world record. It claimed to perform even better than the NVIDIA RTX 3090, the best desktop graphics card. Several elite media outlets recently had the opportunity to test the M1 Ultra in the new Mac Studio, and it seems that the graphical performance is not as good as Apple has launched.

The Verge subjected the new Mac Studio to a series of tests and found that the chip lags behind graphically, especially when it comes to gaming. In these tests, the gaming performance of Mac Studios was compared to that of a computer powered by the RTX 3090 graphics card. The PC averaged 142 FPS, while Mac Studio 108 with M1 Ultra and Mac Studio with M1 Max averaged 86 FPS.

A similar result was reached in the Geekbench 5 Compute test, PC Gamer reported. The RTX 3090 scored 215,034 points in this test, while the M1 Ultra scored 83,121 using OpenCL. When the Metal driver is used instead of OpenCL, the M1 Ultra’s score can only rise to 102,156.

However, it is fair to say that Apple’s new high-end chip consumes less power than a desktop computer with the RTX 3090. The new M1 Ultra certainly performs impressively compared to the power it consumes, but certainly not better than the RTX 3090.