Mask Proven to Increase Men’s Attractiveness

With the spread of the coronavirus all over the world in early 2020, the necessity of masks entered our lives. A new study on masks that are difficult to fold, especially in the summer, has revealed results that will cause some of us to wear masks regardless of that feeling.

Research by scientists from Cardiff University has scientifically revealed that women think that men look more attractive when wearing masks. According to this, when the lower half of the men’s faces were hidden, there was a perception that they looked nicer than they were. In fact, the research showed which mask was the most attractive.

Surgical masks are more attractive:

The research, which consists of two parts and the results of the first part were published in the journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, revealed a result that will attract the attention of the fashion world. Accordingly, the majority of women thought that medical, disposable surgical masks were more attractive than special fabric masks and other types of masks.

The researcher Dr. According to Michael Lewis, the reason for this situation was entirely related to the epidemic. The reason why we have become accustomed to wearing blue masks by healthcare professionals and associate them with people in the medical profession is that we find it believable to wear a medical mask at a time when we feel vulnerable. We started to feel more positive towards those who wore this mask.

On the other hand, the research overturns the results of the research done before the epidemic. A research conducted by the same team before the epidemic revealed that the mask instilled the idea that a person is sick and should be distanced from him. In other words, the epidemic turned all our judgments about the mask on the contrary.

Within the scope of the first part of the research, which was started in February 2021, 43 women rated four different photos from 1 to 10, which include a man without a mask, wearing a cloth mask, a blue medical mask, and covering the lower part of his face with a black book. In the second part of the study, the results of which have not been published now, the one-to-one test was performed by men for women. On the other hand, Michael Lewis has already said that this research has similar results.

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