Netflix has announced the release date of its new series, based on the famous game series Resident Evil. The platform also shared three new posters from the eagerly anticipated series.

Netflix, one of the most popular cinema and tv platforms in the world, announced in 2020 that it would shoot the world-famous horror game series Resident Evil developed by Capcom and that production would take place at two different times.

Fans were also thrilled to hear that the series of this series, which is the inspiration for many horror games today and has millions of fans worldwide, will be filmed. About a year and a half after these statements; A brand new statement was made on Netflix today. In a post, the giant platform shared three new posters from the series and announced the release date of the eagerly awaited series.

Resident Evil arrives on July 14, 2022

Netflix recently announced that the show will meet with those waiting on July 14, 2022, with the use of the phrase ‘Evil has evolved’, and three different posters were shared. In addition, the platform said in a press release that the show will be available to people who have been told that they will be She said she would have “the best qualities of Resident Evil”, such as heroines, fighting for survival, new and familiar creatures and a mystery to solve.

According to the descriptions, the series will feature two different time periods and will tell the story of the experiences of brothers Jade and Bille Wesker. The first will tell the story of the pair, who are 14 years old, moving to New Racoon City, and the second will tell the story of Jade and others fighting for their survival in a world battling a zombie infestation caused by the ‘T’ virus years later. Netflix’s explanation of what will happen in the series is as follows:

“The year 2036, 14 years after the virus led to a global apocalypse, Jade Wesker is fighting for survival in a world infested with bloodthirsty creatures. Meanwhile, Jade is haunted by her background in New Racoon City, her father’s chilling connections to umbrella corporation and what happened to her sister Billie.

In addition, Constantin Film production company, which is behind the films starring Milla Jovovich, will produce the series and will play The Wire, Fringe and John Wick, as well as Lance Reddick and Albert Wesker. In addition to Reddick, the production will also feature Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong and Adeline Rudolph.