Level Infinite and Tencent have made an important announcement regarding tower of fantasy, an open world role-playing game already on the market in China. The game will be released in the rest of the world for both PC and mobile platforms later this year, according to the announcement.

The game takes place hundreds of years later on a remote planet called Aida, where humanity migrated after the Earth ran out of resources, GameSpot reported. This new planet has been plunged into its own apocalypse, partly due to a mysterious substance called the Omnium, and the game begins in a post-apocalyptic environment.

However, a closed beta test for the game was also announced. Registration for the closed beta test will run until March 29. Players who want to try the game by participating in the beta test, which starts in April, can register on the official website.

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world game featuring a fast-paced combat system. The game allows players to create a personalized fighting style by changing their weapons and gameplay during action. There are also unique NPCs in the wider world of the game, both alone and online, that can be explored with a group of friends.