Plan Your Christmas Program with Huawei Petal Search!

Chinese technology company Huawei, which has been doing valuable work to establish its own ecosystem for a while, has also managed to attract the attention of users with the search engine called Petal Search, which it launched last year. Petal Search, which offers much different features than the search engines we are used to, seems to completely change your upcoming Christmas experience thanks to its brand new features.

Petal Search essentially provides all the services that other search engines offer. In this context, you can easily use features such as images, phrases, voice and photo search in this search engine. However, the “Nearby” feature, which was introduced in the recent past, almost adds dimension to the search engine experience you have had so far. If you want to plan for New Year’s Eve, Petal Search’s Nearby feature will allow you to find everything you are looking for in your immediate surroundings.

Petal Search’s original Nearby feature allows you to customize search results based on your area. For example, for the works you need, you can see the closest shopping malls and similar businesses to your location, and you can have detailed information about them. On the other hand; Even if you don’t want to spend New Year’s Eve at home, you can review and book the revels around you one by one through this search engine.

Petal Search, which also offers some advantages for users who do not want to spend the New Year’s Eve in the city where they live, allows a holiday to be organized quickly. After choosing the city and place you want to go and making a reservation, you can get detailed information about that region, and you can buy your travel ticket instantly with the directions of Petal Search. And of course, if you want to buy your Christmas gifts in the city you go to, you can speed up and make your work easier by using Petal Search again.

You can use the link here to quickly complete your New Year’s program with Petal Search. If you want to access Petal Search via a browser, you can use the link here.

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