Samsung CEO JH Han apologized to both investors and consumers at a meeting with investors. The reason for this apology was Samsung’s Game Optimization Service (GOS) software, which has been reducing cheating and performance for a while.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has been on the agenda for a while with the software discussion on the Galaxy S22. According to the information obtained, the application called Game Optimization Service (GOS) made the phone much more powerful on paper, which misled the consumer. Moreover, this software, in some cases, even restricted the camera application to protect battery health. A new statement came from Samsung on the subject.

This issue was also touched upon in a meeting with investors led by Samsung CEO JH Han. In the statements made by JH Han himself, it was stated that the developments were followed closely. Samsung CEO apologized to both investors and consumers for the controversy.

South Korea launched an investigation

In the statements made by JH Han, it was stated that the GOS application is an optimization-oriented software, actually for the benefit of users. Mentioning that the application specifically optimizes CPU and GPU performance, Samsung CEO defended GOS. However, South Korean officials do not think so.

The South Korean Fair Trade Commission is concerned about the allegations that put Samsung on the agenda. In fact, according to the statements made by the authorities, claims that Samsung makes its phones seem more powerful will be investigated. It is not known where the investigation will lead, but Samsung CEO JH Han states that such a thing will not happen again.