Some of the Salaries May Not Be Taxed

While Turkey has faced an unstoppable exchange rate and inflation increase in recent weeks, the purchasing power of the citizens has suffered a great decline. While all works were increased by at least 50% in the last 3 months, it was also very curious what the base price would be in 2022. Following the four meetings, the base price was determined as 4.250 TL.

Along with the 50% increase in the minimum price, a precaution was taken to the boss that would not fully reflect this increase. While it was previously discussed that no tax would be charged from the base price, only income tax and stamp duty were removed from the gross floor price, not all taxes. Today, an announcement came, which will be a cure for the bosses’ worries about the continuation.

All taxes can be removed on prices up to the gross base price

AK Party Cluster Deputy Chairman Mustafa Elitaş announced that the part of the salaries and prices of all employees, including civil servants, up to the gross base price will be exempt from tax. With this statement, it was stated that employees who bid at or below the gross minimum price would not be subject to a random tax when giving this price.

On the other hand, the issue of tax exemption is not absolute now. Elitaş announced that this directive, which was opened for signature by the deputies, will enter into force if accepted by the committee.

When the directive comes into effect, the cost of an employee working with a net minimum price (4.250 TL) to the boss will again be equal to the net minimum price. In the same way, no tax will be charged on the part up to 5 thousand TL gross for all workers and civil servants.

The gross minimum price to be applied in Turkey in 2022 was 5 thousand 4 TL. If the proposal does not enter into force, the cost to the boss will be 5 thousand 879 TL.

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