Ubisoft, which includes games such as Assasin’s Creed and Watch Dogs, introduced its new cloud-based technology, Scalar, before the Game Developers Conference. The statements stated that this technology can be used to create infinite virtual worlds.

The continuous development of technology significantly affects the gaming industry as well as all sectors, causing us to encounter games that surprise us even more every year. Recently, we shared one of these developments with you and mentioned that details came from Intel’s mysterious game project ‘Project Endgame’.

Now Ubisoft, a French-based game developer and publisher that includes Assasin’s Creed, Watch Dogs and more, has announced a brand new cloud technology and shown us what to expect.

Unlimited virtual worlds can be created with Ubisoft Scalar

According to reports, Ubisoft has announced Scalar, a new cloud technology for game development and gameplay, ahead of the Game Developers Conference, which will be held from March 21st to 25th and will feature giant names from the video game industry. According to the descriptions, this technology will increase the flexibility and power of Ubisoft’s game engines, as well as reduce hardware dependence. It was also reported that Scalar will offer new opportunities to developers and players.

In addition, it was stated that Scalar can be used to create and strengthen ‘tomorrow’s games’. Games using Ubisoft Scalar can use almost unlimited computing power; this could lead to the creation of endless virtual worlds and detailed simulations with unprecedented scale and depth.

The France-based company said Scalar will be able to independently place microservices (artificial intelligence, sound, physics) in the cloud; As a result, he added, unlike traditional game engines, it could allow game developers to update and improve a service without affecting each other.

Finally, the new cloud system developed by the company’s Manufacturing Technology department, which includes 500 technologists, could offer developers the opportunity to add features and updates without interrupting the session of a game that is still being played. That’s the players’; any additional package that comes into the game means that it should not bother with extra things such as updates. Of course, it’s safe to say that this is not practical at the moment, but it’s an exciting statement.