What is Trojan Virus, What are the Ways to Get Rid of it?

We always say, the internet is a world full of evil. Almost everything you click, touch, tries to take something from you and steal it. Malicious software, viruses, trojan horses are waiting to infiltrate your devices. Trojan virus, also called trojan horse or trojan virus, is the last virus you want to infiltrate your computer because it works insidiously in the background.

Strange things may or may not happen the moment you get the Trojan virus, because a treacherous hacker may have placed a trojan horse on your computer to use when needed. In other words, you may be feeding a virus that steals your personal information or uses you with your own hands. Let’s take a closer look at what this sneaky trojan virus is and look at the measures you need to take to protect yourself and the methods you need to apply to get rid of it.

What is Trojan virus?

The trojan virus, also called a trojan horse or trojan virus, may not be noticed quickly when it is infected, unlike other viruses. When you start to see some weirdness on your computer, software you didn’t download, changes you didn’t make yourself, it means that you have a trojan virus on your computer.

It is not always possible to describe the virus we know for the Trojan virus, it is more of a crappy software. More than once, it sneaks up on a document you have downloaded to your device. As it may cause some problems as soon as it enters your computer, it may also remain silent until the day it is used by the hacker. As we said, sneaky.

How is the Trojan virus transmitted?

  • From documents you downloaded from document sharing sites
  • From email attachments and contacts
  • From fake notices
  • From infected websites
  • From public Wi-Fi networks

In fact, many times users install trojan virus on their computers with their own hands and are not even aware of it. You cannot really believe that you can download thousands of dollars of software for free. Even if you download it, you should not think that the document sharing site, which allows you to make an illegal download, will do this kind of service without giving you a little virus.

You should always be cautious about attachments and relationships in messages and e-mails from people you know or do not know. Making such posts by imitating real people and institutions is a very common fraud formula. Before opening the sent link or attachment, confirm its reliability by contacting the sender.

Let’s come to public Wi-Fi networks; These types of networks, which we often encounter in cafes, parks, and airports, are presented with good intentions, but the safety net is quite loose for everyone to connect. Do not forget that you are in danger every time you think that I can connect to such a network and watch images without spending portable information.

What can the Trojan virus do?

  • Makes your computer one of the soldiers of future DDoS attack.
  • It steals your personal information.
  • Mining cryptocurrencies in the background.
  • Installs malicious software on your computer that contains many more viruses.
  • Forges your identity.
  • Uses your resources.

When a common virus infiltrates your computer, things get messy quickly so you know something is up. However, if you are not a careful user when your computer is infected with a trojan virus, it may take a long time to realize this situation more than once.

A computer infected with a Trojan virus will definitely stutter. You quickly realize that something is not going well. However, if your computer is planned to be used for a future DDoS attack, it is almost impossible to understand this situation most of the time. Therefore, it is extremely valuable that you always be careful.

How to delete Trojan virus?

Although the Trojan virus is a nasty and insidious malicious software, it is extremely easy to get rid of, delete it. Most likely, the reason for this virus infection is the last document or software you downloaded. Quickly find that document and software and delete it irreversibly.

The process of deleting documents or software containing the Trojan virus may be blocked by the virus itself. Therefore, first start your computer in faithful mode. After turning on the faithful mode, delete all suspicious documents and software and restart your computer.

If you do not want to do the manual deletion process, you can use an antivirus software for this process. Most of the antivirus software you can find on our list here, detects and removes trojan viruses on your computer free of charge. Of course, the valuable thing is not to delete this virus, but to ensure that it is not infected at all.

Techniques to protect against Trojan virus:

  • Be sure to back up your data to a reputable cloud storage service.
  • Learn how to do account recovery processes for your valuable accounts.
  • Strictly use a VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Before opening attachments and relations with e-mails and messages, definitely confirm the reliability by contacting the sender.
  • Use an antivirus that is absolutely safe and performs real-time scanning.

Once your computer is infected with a trojan virus, it may be too late to do things. So make sure you take these precautions first. Just like our own health, it is extremely valuable to take precautions before a problem arises in our digital security.

We have explained the procedures for protection and getting rid of this virus by answering the questions about what is the trojan virus, which is one of the most insidious viruses in the internet world, and what is the trojan virus, how to delete it. Please note that you should not click on everything you see on the Internet.

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