Which Platform Sold the Most Games in 2021?

One of the rare segments positively affected by the pandemic caused by COVID-19, as you can imagine, is the gaming section. In this period of about 2 years, while people were confined to their homes, they started to turn to games because they could not go out in their spare time, and it would not be wrong to say that this habit is now over.

Just as the interest in the gaming segment has increased, the interest in the portable platform has increased exponentially every year. Gamefor. According to the information announced by com, the portable platform has become the most preferred platform this year, just like the past 2 years.

Portable platform surpasses console and PC for last 3 years

Gamefor. The information released by com reveals how quickly player habits have changed in the last few years. For example, while the rate of console players was 28% in 2019 and 27% in 2020, the situation on the PC side was not so.

While the rate of players playing games on PC was 23% in 2019, some blood loss was experienced on this platform the following year, and this rate decreased to 18% in 2020. Let’s take a closer look at the information for 2021.

  • Player data by platform in 2019:

    • PC: 23%
    • Console: 28%
    • Portable: 49%
  • Player data by platform in 2020:

    • PC: 18%
    • Console: 27%
    • Portable: 55%
  • Player data according to platforms in 2021:

    • PC: 19%
    • Console: 25%
    • Portable: 56%

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